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Our Services

Classroom Education: $120 (includes interactive displays and bringing the observation hive)

Bee removal and relacation: $250+

Hive installation: $150+

Breads: All breads require a minimum order of 48 pieces. 

-Soft Pretzels: $1.75 per 

-Dinner Rolls (yeast rolls) :$.75 per

-Cinnamon Rolls: $2.5 per

-Pita: $.75 per

-Bagels (flavors available upon request): $1.75 per+

-Southern Style biscuits: $1.75 per

-English Muffins: $1.25 per

-Blueberry Muffins (other flavors available upon request): $1.25 per+

Bread loaves: Each item requires a minimum order of 6 loaves.

-Sandwich bread: $8 per

-Fococcia: $12 per

-Cornbread: $10 per

-Pizza crusts: $8 per

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