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We are a family owned and operated apiary in Montgomery, AL. At Silverwood Farms we are committed to renewable agriculture, responsible beekeeping, and creating an ecologically responsible farming model for future farmers.

In addition to our wide variety of delicious farm grown and hand made goods, we love to share our skills with others through classes, farmers markets, hands on seminars! Whether you're looking for some delicious jams and honeys or to take a hands on class about breadmaking, we'd love to have you check us out!

Our Story

The original Silverwood Farms belonged to Nina's maternal grandparents, Ellen and Thomas Flatau. Started in the early 1980's, in West Clarksville, NY, they had  their hands full with chickens, horses, and producing maple syrup. Tired of the cold winters and wanting to be closer to their children and grandchildren, Ellen and Thomas sold their farm and moved to Montgomery, AL in the early 2000's. 


Some of Nina's best childhood memories were spending summers with her grandparents on their farm, learning about how to take care of the land, ride horses, and experiencing the freedom of wide open spaces.  She knew from a young age that she wanted to continue in her grandparent's footsteps and grow the legacy they began. 

Fast forward to 2021,  Nina along with her wife, Laura, and their children started the process of keeping backyard chickens. As chicken math usually goes, it went from a small hobby to a major passion pretty quickly and they knew they needed to move to a larger homestead if they were going to continue to grow. In early 2023 they finally got the opportunity to move out to their current location and officially open Silverwood Farms. 

Silverwood Farms has expanded to include a large garden, chickens, geese, cattle, and of course, lots and lots of bees! In addition to livestock we also produce a wide array of farm to table products such as our specialty jams, flavored honeys, Cajeta, and sourdough starters (traditional and Gluten Free).

Above all else, at Silverwood Farms we strive to share a model of renewable agriculture that is accessible to the everyday person. We believe in being good stewards of this beautiful land we're honored to call home and want to share it with you and your family. Everything we do here has those principles at their core, from the seeds we plant, to how we garden, the permaculture systems we use with our livestock, and the products we create. We are thrilled to be able to create a positive impact on both the Earth and our communities with Silverwood Farms and are excited to share it with you and your family! 


3156 E Old Hayneville Rd

Montgomery, AL 36105


(334) 414-3016



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