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Silverwood Farms Pure Honey

Pure Honey

  • It doesn't get any purer than Silverwood Farms 100% PureHoney. We harvest, process, and bottle our honey right here on the farm. Our bees enjoy gathering pollon from a wide variety of flowers and trees on the farm and that gives our honey it's distinct flavor. Raw honey has a rich almost caramalized flavor that is unbeatable. 


    Use it in your tea, to eat, cook, and bake with. We love to take a spoonful a day during allergy season to help with hay fever. If you love our 100% Raw Honey, check out our infused and fermented honeys too! They're all made with this honey as their base and then flavored with different ingredients!


    Ingredients: honey


    Weight: 10.7 oz


    -If crystalized, warm gently in lukewarm water.


    - Do not feed raw honey to children under 2 years old.


3156 E Old Hayneville Rd

Montgomery, AL 36105


(334) 414-3016



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