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Silverwood Farms Chili Butter- PICK UP ONLY

Chili Butter- PICK UP ONLY

  • --All our butters are currently PICK UP ONLY--


    Silverwood Farms Chili Butter is a sweet and spicy blend of tamarind, chipolte, cayenne, adobo, and honey. Deeply flavored and complex, this butter is a great compliment for white fish, chicken, and veggies. 


    Ingredients: butter, olive oil, lemon, honey, garlic, chili paste, chipolte, parsley, tamarind, fish sauce, smoked paparika, red chili flakes, cayenne, salt


    -Product Weight: 8oz


3156 E Old Hayneville Rd

Montgomery, AL 36105


(334) 414-3016



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